Maintaining culture in remote teams

  • Icon Datum 29. Juni 2022, 12:00 - 13:00 Uhr
  • Icon Kategorie Workshop
  • Icon Teilnehmer Max. 30 Teilnehmer
  • Icon Ort Online - Online
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The generation of hybrid and remote teams have become the norm throughout industries and company sizes and we are hardly to reverse the process. In addition we are moving along the development of the web application. There is a progress from a stage where users can interact and contribute content in the current web 2 application, to the next stage of a web 3.0 experience, where applications can speak to each other directly and interpret information for humans.

In this webinar we are looking at ways to build a thriving team culture, communication and working relationships, highlighting some key points. Also we are looking into the next stage of web 3, as some are there already.