• Jonas Wüst
  • 25. August 2022
  • 3 Min. Lesezeit

Two Tethys Robotics team members newly accepted in the ETH Pioneer Fellowship Program

Jonas Wüst (left) and Pragash Sivananthaguru (right)
Jonas Wüst (left) and Pragash Sivananthaguru (right)

We got the amazing news that Jonas and Pragash, two Tethys Robotics key team members, were accepted into the ETH Pioneer Fellowship program. Over the course of a year, they will be supported through training programs to take Tethys Robotics another step closer to commercialization. Congratulations!

The last few weeks at Tethys Robotics were designated to test their prototypes in various lakes and rivers around Zurich and getting valuable insights from divers of the Swiss Armed Forces and other search and recovery specialists. Further, to give a brief outlook of the next month, they are planning to do first trainings with local authorities.

This is a big step for the startup as it will be the first time potential customers will operate their systems without any help from the team. Feedback after these operations will help the team to further develop the robots in a simple and easy to use fashion.