• Philippe Ganz
  • 04. Oktober 2022
  • 5 Min. Lesezeit

We presented aiEndoscopic’s mission on several, even international, stages – and this quite successfully.

This month, we want to highlight the presentation side of our venture. As every startup knows, it is important to also gain visibility in order to widen the reach and connect with the right people.

This month, we pitched on several occasions where we would like to point out some, which might be also interesting events to share: the GoodDays Challenge in Basel, and the Swiss Innovation Challenge in Pratteln, where in both cases we reached the finals.

Two other events, we would like to point out is the Falling Walls Lab Switzerland contest, where we were chosen to represent our cohort in the finals in Berlin in November. At the ZHAW Digital Health Lab Day in Winterthur, we even won the public and jury vote. (I hope this list helps other startups to find some competition. 😊) Now, we are even in Doha in Qatar, pitching intuBot at the World Innovation Summit for Health.

In our experience, those events are a great opportunity to test the idea and challenge the business case. On the other hand, it also requires quite some capacity.

Therefore, it is great to have a complementary team, where we can distribute the tasks. Dave could continue to advance the prototype development and complete a product iteration. It is great to have a prototype, that can demonstrate the functionality on a manikin.

If you want to see us live, you can visit us at the IFAS in Zurich (23-26 Oct) and at the MediFuture in Bern (5. Nov).

Philippe presenting intuBot in the ETH ZĂĽrich Student House.