• Jonas W├╝st 27.07.2022
  • 27. Juli 2022

Hear why they joined the B├╝ro Z├╝ri Innovationspark.

Let us introduce Tethys Robotics

The ETH Z├╝rich startup develops unmanned underwater robots to tackle tasks in challenging environments, such as rivers with strong currents, high particle density and turbidity, specifically focusing on omnidirectional manoeuvrability, modularity and easy deployability. Since 2022, Tethys Robotics have been working at the B├╝ro Z├╝ri Innovationspark (BZI) as one of five selected startups to use the newly renovated fire station building. During their time at the BZI, they have redesigned their robot "Proteus" to increase manoeuvrability and stability, worked together with students and researchers to further develop their robots and received a lot of attention from different actors in the field.

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