• Zuzana Sediva
  • 13. November 2022
  • 5 Min. Lesezeit

Unsere Finalist*innen stehen fest! Welche Start-ups werden im Januar im Büro Züri Innovationspark einziehen?

Viele Start-ups, Spin-offs und Jungunternehmen haben sich für einen Platz im Innovationspark beworben, 10 haben es in die engere Auswahl geschafft. Diese stellen wir euch hier vor.

Team Groam Tech AG

Who are you and what do you want to achieve with your start-up?

We are a team of 4, Zuzana, Yuliia, Efe and Tomas, who are driven to make impact across industry verticals. Our vision is to transform agricultural waste streams into biodegradable foamed light-weight materials with added value at a competitive price and performance as fossil-fuel based materials.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Our biggest challenge was to find a way how to convert something biomass-based into a material that could establish itself on the market next to polymers. We are still working on securing a supply chain for this within Europe and later in other continents. A big challenge was also to find a team that would have the skill to do it and understand the vision of the company.

Team Groam Tech AG

What would it mean to you if you could move into Büro Züri Innovationspark?

For us it would mean a first step towards getting independent of the university and belonging to a community of peers, from whom we could learn directly from their real-life problems. We would like to be associated with such an environment rather than university, where we could still have a station for the technical part and use of equipment, when needed.